Onivo Cosmetics: A strong commitment to sporting and cultural events

At Onivo Cosmetics, we are convinced that sporting and cultural events play an essential role in the development of communities and the promotion of positive values ​​such as surpassing oneself, team spirit and creativity. That's why we're proud to support a multitude of events throughout the year.

Here is an overview of our recent and upcoming commitments.

Artistic Swimming Gala - June 22, 2024

On Saturday June 22, 2024, the artistic swimming gala in Cannes promises to be a dazzling spectacle. Organized by the Cercle des Nageurs de Cannes, this event will highlight the grace and elegance of synchronized swimmers in a series of captivating performances. Local and international talent will come together to provide an unforgettable evening, celebrating the art of synchronized swimming.

Partnerships with CN Cannes and the Mandelieu L érins Rugby Club

Our partnership with the Cercle des Nageurs de Cannes does not stop there. We also support the Mandelieu Rugby Club, which is a key player in promoting rugby in the region. This partnership strengthens access to sport for young people and promotes team spirit and healthy competition.

Jamel Comedy Club in Nice

The Jamel Comedy Club in Nice is another example of our cultural commitment. By supporting this comedy platform, we help to highlight emerging talents and offer moments of laughter and lightness to the audience. It's a pleasure to contribute to a space where creativity and humor meet.

French Synchronized Swimming Competition

We are also proud to support the French synchronized swimming competition, a major event which brings together the best talents in this demanding discipline. This competition highlights the rigor, discipline and talent of the athletes, while offering a breathtaking visual spectacle.

Electronic Beaches in Cannes

On a cultural level, the Electronic Beaches in Cannes are an unmissable event for fans of electronic music. This festival, which takes place on the beaches of the famous Croisette, attracts internationally renowned artists and offers a unique musical experience in an idyllic setting. Our support for this event highlights our commitment to promoting culture and the arts in our region.

Stay tuned to discover our next commitments and to join us in these moments of sharing and celebration!

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