Onivo Cosmetics in mass distribution

Onivo Cosmetics in mass distribution: Beauty at your fingertips

Onivo Cosmetics, beloved by perfume enthusiasts, can be found on the shelves of your favorite supermarkets. No need to look far or elsewhere to find the quality products you love – Onivo Cosmetics is right at your fingertips, where you do your usual shopping.

Where to find us?

  • Crossroads
  • Auchan
  • Monoprix
  • Casino
  • Amazon
  • Humasana
  • Nocibe

You can nevertheless find all of our ranges, all our organic treatments, and our 100% natural perfumes on our website.

At Carrefour?

In the Carrefour brand, you can find our range of Eaux de Cologne Intense Comptoir Cologne for men. As well as our Comptoir Cologne Men beard & face routine. There are also your favorite products from the UNIC brand and also that from the Inecto brand.

At Casino?

You can find your Inecto brand products there.

At Auchan?

There is our UNIC brand, our intense colognes for men Comptoir Cologne, the Inecto brand and also the brand that comes straight from England, St-Moriz.

At Monoprix?

You will only find our Comptoir Cologne collection for men.

Notably, we have our products available on Humasana , Nocibe and Amazon !

Each brand has the freedom to choose the products it offers for sale, so we cannot guarantee that your favorite products will be systematically available in store.

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