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New Intense Cologne - Amber Black

Let us guide you through the nuances of this unique fragrance that evokes sophistication and charisma.

Ambre Noir opens with a symphony of sun-drenched citrus fruits, offering a fresh and sparkling first impression with citrus notes.

At the heart of this olfactory composition, we discover the warmth and richness of cedar oil. The oil, with its woody and earthy notes, brings a captivating depth to the fragrance. This gentle transition from initial freshness to enveloping warmth evokes the changing seasons.

The most memorable element of Ambre Noir lies in its deep, amber base note. Amber has long been prized for its captivating and mysterious power. It brings a sensual and sophisticated dimension to this perfume. By combining this amber note, Ambre Noir creates an unforgettable trail that leaves a chic and distinguished imprint wherever you go.

Wearing Ambre Noir means adorning yourself with an aura of timeless elegance. Whether for a social evening, an important meeting or simply to feel confident every day, this perfume will accompany you in style. He embodies modern masculinity, subtly powerful and unforgettable.

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