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The Art of Layering Perfumes

Create unique combinations for spring

In the world of perfumery, the art of layering fragrances is a fascinating practice that allows you to create unique and personalized combinations. With the arrival of spring, it is the ideal time to explore this creative technique and experiment with new olfactory harmonies. At Onivo Cosmetics, we invite you to discover how to layer our fragrances to capture the fresh, sunny spirit of spring.

The layering technique: Layering perfumes consists of applying several fragrances in layers to create a complex and harmonious olfactory composition. The trick is to choose scents that complement each other rather than compete, ensuring that the dominant notes harmonize with each other.

Layer fresh, floral scents: For a light and airy spring vibe, layer scents with fresh, floral notes.

Layer fruity and gourmet scents: For a touch of spring sweetness, combine perfumes with fruity and gourmet notes.

Layer earthy and woody scents: For a more earthy and woody spring vibe, layer scents with earthy and woody notes.

Layer oriental and spicy fragrances: For a more sensual and exotic spring atmosphere, combine perfumes with oriental and spicy notes.

Whether you're looking for a fresh, light spring vibe or a warmer, more sensual feel, the art of layering scents offers endless possibilities for creating unique, personalized combinations. With Onivo Cosmetics, give free rein to your olfactory creativity and discover new harmonies to celebrate the arrival of spring.

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