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INECTO - The coconut pros!

Direct FROM UK, we have found you a fantastic brand of body and hair products based on ORGANIC oils and 95% of natural origin! Naturally good products, with wonderful smells and wonderful textures.

A fun and friendly British beauty brand. Blind trust in nature, and they are known for their hair and skin care products.

They take advantage of all the natural benefits of their hero ingredients to nourish, cleanse, smooth and shine hair.

Coconut oil

The very first vegetable oil used by man, coconut oil is a wonderful, natural way to care for your hair and body.

Available in 5 products, the inecto Naturals Coconut range will give your hair a silky, velvety feel and a smooth, well-groomed look, while infusing it with a divine aroma of tropical coconut. It is specially designed for very dry hair.

Pamper your skin with the nourishing coconut body care range from inecto Naturals, while scenting it with a sweet and creamy note of coconut. It is designed for dry to very dry skin.

You also have similar products based on Argan oil, avocado, and cocoa butter.

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