Discover the New Wild Nature Range

At Onivo Cosmetics, we are delighted to present our latest creation from the Wild Nature range, a captivating collection that transports you to the heart of wild nature.

Wild Nature Perfume 30ml

Incredibly modern and wild ! The WILD NATURE fragrance begins with sparkling notes of raspberry and lemon which blend into a surprising and captivating note of ginger and wildflowers to end with a totally captivating trail of caramel and vanilla.

An extension of the range

Body Spray - 50ml

The new Wild Nature range expands with the introduction of our 50ml body spray, an invitation to a total sensory experience. Light and refreshing, this body spray delivers a delicate mist that hydrates and refreshes the skin while leaving a subtle but unforgettable imprint of the wilderness. Ideal for a quick touch-up of freshness throughout the day, Wild Nature body spray will become your essential ally.

Hair Spray - 50ml

Complete your beauty routine with our Wild Nature 50ml hair spray. Designed to nourish and protect your hair while providing perfect hold, this hair spray captures the essence of nature in every spray.

Where to find the new Wild Nature range?

The Wild Nature range from Onivo Cosmetics is available now in our partner stores and on our eshop.

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